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Creditor Protection and advocacy in bankrupcty proceedings
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Bankrupcty Adversarial Proceedings

Creditor Advocacy and Protection

So you loaned money to, or invested in a business that took your money and is filing bankrupcty. It happens every day. But what if they lied, gave you false information, or defrauded you out of your hard-earned money? You may be able to protect your debts from being discharged in bankrupcty.

Bankrupcy is an invaluable tool that is one of the protectors and generators of innovation and entrepreneurialism. One if its purposes is to give entrepreneurs, who regardless of their honest and best efforts could not make their business work, a second chance. It is not meant to protect those who siphon money from investors, use it for their own benefit, and then take advantage of the system by seeking to have the debt discharged instead of paying it back.

Currently, my law office conducts an active bankrupcy practice limited to adversarial proceedings. If you need to file a bankrupcty, I would be glad to refer you to some firms that do an outstanding job. If you are seeking to protect your interests, either as a creditor who has been taken advantage of, or as a debtor who is being bullied, then I look forward to discussing your circumstances.

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